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Grubers would not be where it is without the knowledge I have received from FabShop! Thank you,

Sue Poser,
Grubers Quilt Shop

"Thank you for all you do for shopowners, the information in the magazine, the digest, and the website have been a huge help to me while I have gone through the process of getting our shop up and running. "

Ann Dunn
Annie's Pretty Pieces

"Some of the best $ we spend all year!"

Carol Keller
Quilter's Garden

The Fabric Shop Network
Consulting Services

Get the Business-Building Help
You Need When You Want It!

You are not alone! Many independent fabric and quilt shop owners find they need help from time to time. Busy schedules, pressing problems, seasonal changes, and many other factors can make business challenging, if not down right difficult. If you find demands within your business are keeping you up at night, you'll definitely want to investigate how The Fabric Shop Network can put your fears to rest.

The good news is you don't need to know everything in order to succeed. All you really need to know is how to go about getting the help you need for your specific challenges. Armed with industry-specific information and advice, you'll be in the driver's seat, determining how you want your business to grow.

It's a fact: ALL businesses use consultants from time to time. In fact, independent fabric shop owners use them every time they hire a teacher; an attorney; an accountant; or other professional.

The most challenging part is finding the right coach or business advisor--one that KNOWS your industry and how to help you grow your business into the successful, money-making opportunity you want. With the right consultant, every dollar spent comes back to you over and over again. The techniques and skills you learn give you confidence, industry-specific information, and the tools you need to achieve success. Think of the right consultant as an investment, not an expense.

The Fabric Shop Network provides custom-tailored programs designed to suit your individual needs. With over 30 years of experience in the fabric industry, Laurie Harsh's knowledge and expertise is the business consultant you need to have on your team. Her programs give you the answers you need to help you achieve your goals and make money!

All The Fabric Shop Network consulting programs are designed to put you in the driver's seat. You determine the course you want to take to work toward achieving your goals and dreams. Why spend another night worrying about your business?

The help you need can be yours today! Call Laurie Harsh at (360) 892-6500 or send an e-mail with your name, address and phone number to and Laurie will get back to you.

Laurie Harsh
Laurie Harsh -
Fabric Shop Network Founder

Fast Feedback Program
to answer specific questions and concerns. This quick, convenient program gives you the answers you need when you need them!

Strategic Planner Program
an intensive analysis at your business strengths and weaknesses with step-by-step methods for setting and achieving business goals.

Jump Start Program
for new store start-ups and stores in their first year.

"I love fabric, am a total quiltaholic, and love my shop very very much! Keeping on top of all the paperwork and financial details, however, can make me crazy. Laurie has helped me see the forest for the trees. She's kept me on track and provided me with the tools and information I need to steer my business toward success. I highly recommend this service" 

Rachel Greco, Grandma's Attic, Dallas, OR

"Quilt shops can easily become a hobby, but we need them to be profitable. Laurie has shown us the path to profitability." 

Janet Hansen, Heartland Americana, Estherville, Iowa.


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Worldwide Quilting Day - March 18, 2017

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I Love Fabric Days - August 17-19, 2017

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