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Grubers would not be where it is without the knowledge I have received from FabShop! Thank you,

Sue Poser,
Grubers Quilt Shop

"Thank you for all you do for shopowners, the information in the magazine, the digest, and the website have been a huge help to me while I have gone through the process of getting our shop up and running. "

Ann Dunn
Annie's Pretty Pieces

"Some of the best $ we spend all year!"

Carol Keller
Quilter's Garden

The Fabric Shop Network
Strategic Planning Consulting Services

Get the Business-Building
Help You Need
When you Want It!

The Strategic Planner Program is a one-year intensive management course designed to help you achieve the vision, goals and dreams you've had for your shop. Over a course of twelve months you will take advantage of proven practice-building strategies for achieving success and discover important practice-growing strategies. You'll have an important ally at your beck and call as you implement changes that will help your shop achieve immediate profitability.

Here's an all too common story that we hear over and over again:

    "I've had my shop for x amount of years and never taken a salary. I'm behind on my bills and tapped out on my resources. I don't understand open-to-buy ... it just doesn't work. My sales are declining compared to last year and my net profit is in the red. I don't know what I'm doing wrong but I'm beginning to become tired and burned out."

If you are tired of working so hard for so little give us a call!

In less than twelve months, here's what the same shop owners are saying:

    "I'm now taking a salary every single month. I've been able to build a cash reserve and maintain a positive cash flow. Open-to-buy finally works for me. In fact, I will end the year with a 45 percent increase in sales and my net profit is approximately 20 percent of sales."

Sounds too good to be true? It's Not! This is a true story and we've got the testimonials to back it up!

Here's how you can put us on your team day-in and day-out.

Pre-Consultation Questionnaire. Your custom-tailored program begins with an intensive questionnaire designed to provoke new thought processes and ideas even before you talk with us.

Goal Setting Conference. During our initial conference call, we will review your answers to the pre-consultation questionnaire so that we can craft a plan that will work for you. We invest our time studying how best to help you achieve your goals and then work with you to determine how best to meet your needs.

Personal Coaching and Strategies to Grow Your Shop. You'll benefit from weekly or biweekly conference calls. Once consultation begins, we are ready to address all of your challenges and help you reach your goals. This method will help spot concerns and challenges as they arise and keep you on track as you implement changes that will help you succeed.

Unlimited Fax and E-mail. Take advantage of unlimited fax and e-mail services to answer questions as they arise. That way you'll never have to "go it alone" until you're ready.

Trial Period. We KNOW our program works. However, if you're not sure that you want to commit to an entire year right up front, we our trial period is designed to put your fears to rest and allow you to decide whether this program is right for you. Our Strategic Planner Contract includes a 90 day trial period. If, at the end of 90 days, you do not feel this program is right for you, we will terminate the agreement. Keep in mind, however, that it can take a full year for you to see results, depending on the individual needs of your specific business.

Call Today to Begin your Strategic Planner Program! We can have you making money in no time.

Phone: (360) 892-6500

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Love your local Quilt Shop

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Love your local Fabric Shop

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Local Quilt Shop Day
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Worldwide Quilting Day - March 18, 2017

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I Love Fabric Days - August 17-19, 2017

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