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Grubers would not be where it is without the knowledge I have received from FabShop! Thank you,

Sue Poser,
Grubers Quilt Shop

"Thank you for all you do for shopowners, the information in the magazine, the digest, and the website have been a huge help to me while I have gone through the process of getting our shop up and running. "

Ann Dunn
Annie's Pretty Pieces

"Some of the best $ we spend all year!"

Carol Keller
Quilter's Garden



Learn From a Leader Series Handbooks

Merchandising Matters
by Jennifer Albaugh

Jennifer Albaugh shoots straight from the hip and talks about the when, where, why, and “WOW!” of effective merchandising, bringing you thirteen years of tried and tested strategies for creating a unique shopping environment in your quilt shop.


  • Creating a unique identity
  • Basic merchandising principles
  • Elements of dynamic displays
  • Catching the impulse buy
  • Making the most of your samples
  • Merchandising before markdowns
  • Plus more...

Having the right product, at the right time, at the right price, and displayed in the right way doesn’t really have a set equation, in fact, most of the time it’s a guessing game.

The only rule that matters is that your merchandise must sell, and to sell merchandise you must create excitement and a real shopping experience in your shop.

Merchandising Matters
$59.95 Members $79.95 Non-Members
(plus S&H)

Merchandising Matters

Member $59.95
(plus S&H)

Non-Member $79.95
(plus S&H)

Click here to Order!

Seven Management Strategies for Success
by Amy Marson

Have you tried to create a productive, collaborative team and then felt frustrated and overwhelmed when things weren't completed on time, in the right way? Have you ever communicated with your team in a way that unintentionally hurt feelings or created ill will? Is it time to refocus your team's priorities to improve your bottom line?

Amy Marson shares her proven strategies and best practices for becomfng an effective manager who builds a motivated, high-performing team that enables you to achieve your goals for financial success!

Topics Include:

• Empower your team.
• Collaborate effectively with one another.
• Be more creative, efficient, and productive.
• Communicate effectively with one another and your customers.
• Set S.M.A.R. T goals.
• Use the head, heart, and hands approach.

Seven Managemnt Strategies for Success
$59.95 Members $79.95 Non-Members
(plus S&H)

Seven Management Strategies for Success by Amy Marson

Seven Management Strategies for Success

Member $59.95
(plus S&H)

Non-Member $79.95
(plus S&H)

Click here to Order!

Become a Savvy Buyer by Karen Montgomery
Learn From a Leader Series

Unlock the secrets to better buying with nationally-recognized retailer, teacher, speaker and designer Karen Montgomery. Karen brings almost 20 years of shopowner insight to this unique handbook—the only buying guide written just for fabric retailers. Become a Savvy Buyer uses real-world examples and goes behind the scenes for every part of the buying process. After all, smart buys become smart sales!

Don't Miss Karen's Advice on:

  • Buying 101: how our industry is unique
  • Long-range planning
  • Staying ahead of customer expectations
  • Buying deep, buying tight, and bulk buying
  • Global events with local effects
  • Reinventing your inventory
  • Maximizing margins
  • Expanding profits, not just inventory
  • Seasonal cycles and holiday how-tos
  • Plus more!

Order Become a Savvy Buyer today!
Member: $49.95 ea.
(plus S&H)

Become a Savvy Buyer

Become a
Savvy Buyer

$49.95 ea.

(plus S&H)

$69.95 ea.

(plus S&H)

Click here to Order!

The Importance of Customer Service

Customer Service Employee Handbook by Marti Michell
A must-have training resource for every employee!

Marti Michell shares her hard-earned knowledge and wisdom in her regular FabShop News column, "The Importance of Customer Service". Now those informative articles have been compiled into an easy-to-reference handbook.

This handbook is an essential read for every member of your staff!

  • Learn from an industry leader! Use Marti's tips and years of experience to establish and improve customer service expectations in your shop.
  • Save time by using proven techniques, tips, and ideas.
  • Train employees by incorporating examples, role play ideas, and useful scripts into your training.
  • Provide your employees with this must-have training resource needed for building relationships, creating an inviting atmosphere, and cross and suggestive selling.
  • Make your shop the place to be and increase sales by offering knock your socks of service!

Order The Importance of Customer Service today!
Member: $49.95 ea.
(plus S&H)

The Importance of Customer Service

The Importance of Customer Service
(131 pages
spiral bound)

$49.95 ea.

Bundle of 6 $149.95
(plus S&H)

$69.95 ea.
Bundle of 6 $249.95
(plus S&H)

Click here to Order!

The Fabric Shop Network Educational Workbooks

Long Arm Rental Program Guide by Karen Hanson

Kick start a long arm rental program in your shop and develop a profitable extension to your business!

The 70+ page spiral bound
Long Arm Rental Program Guide include a:

Program Guide
Student Handbook
Customizable Templates on CD

Your machine rental and quilting services program is a great way to diversify your shop and increase your revenue stream.

Learn from Karen Hanson, a seasoned retailer and long arm quilter. Develop a rental program for your shop.

Topics Include:

• What’s needed to get started
• Marketing your program
• Monitoring your renters
• Training your staff
• Class guidelines
• Add-on services
• Add-on sales
• Customizing your program
• And most importantly, the “rules” of renting!

Order Long Arm Rental Program today!
Program Guide + CD: $99.95
(plus S&H)

Long Arm Rental Program Guide by Karen Hanson

Long Arm Rental Program Guide

Program Guide + CD:

(plus S&H)

Click here to Order!

A Guide To Strategic Planning

A Guide to Strategic Planning by Todd Gibson

Most successful, growing businesses have something in common: They are executing on a comprehensive strategic plan. Developing a strategic plan provides all of a business's stakeholders (owners, employees, customers, and others) with a shared understanding of why the business exists, how it realizes its mission, the objectives that have been set for the business through upcoming years, and what everyone must be doing now and in the future to help realize those objectives. Without all of these things working together, a business is at the mercy of its environment—posting modest returns during good times and struggling when times are bad. In this workbook, you will walk step-by-step through a simple, yet powerful, approach to creating a strategic plan for your shop.

This workbook has been developed specifically for the independent fabric retailer, and it features a number of worksheets and templates (in Microsoft Office format) that will greatly simplify the process of developing your own strategic plan. The workbook also includes a detailed case study illustrating one quilt shop's journey through the planning process using this approach.

Order A Guide to Strategic Planning today!
Workbook + CD: $99.95
(plus S&H)

A Guide to Strategic Planning

A Guide to Strategic Planning

Workbook + CD:

(plus S&H)

Click here to Order!

Benchmarks for Quilt Shops

Take charge of directing the financial destiny of your shop. Understanding how to gather, organize, and then evaluate what your shop's financial "numbers" mean is an essential business skill that you can develop - and you don't have to be an accountant to do so. In this essential workbook, you will learn how financial statements are created and how you can use them to compare your shop's financial progress from year to year, using key business ratios and benchmarks - the industry average for businesses like yours.

You will learn:

  • The three essential financial statements that provide the information you need to operate your shop with a firm financial understanding and a basis for comparison and control;
  • How to calculate the key financial ratios (formulas) for understanding and analyzing your shop's financial performance;
  • Industry benchmarks by volume segment so you can compare your numbers to the segment most like your shop;
  • Information to help you interpret your ratio comparisons so you can adjust your business strategies to achieve your goals;
  • Templates for financial statements and ratio comparisons.

Order Benchmarks: Key Financial Ratios today!
Member: $99.95 ea.
(plus S&H)

Benchmarks for Quilt Shops : Key Financial Ratios

for Quilt Shops
Key Financial Ratios

Member: $99.95 ea.
Non-Member: $149.95
(plus $7.00 S&H)

Click here to Order!

Take the Leadership Challenge

Take the Leadership Challenge is about more than just becoming a good leader. It’s about taking an active role in training your employees... the face of any business. Enthusiastic, competent employees can be the difference between a mediocre year and a record-breaking year. You could spend thousands of dollars in advertising and marketing—and many more thousands to maintain an amazing inventory. If your customers encounter disinterested or uninformed store employees—it’s all for nothing.

Your employees are your single biggest investment. It’s just that simple. You want them on your team. To be successful, everybody has to understand the rules of the game. It’s your job to make that happen. Take the Leadership Challenge!

Order Take the Leadership Challenge today!
CD: $49.95 ea.
(plus S&H)

Take the Leadership Challenge

Take the Leadership Challenge!

CD: $49.95 ea.
(plus S&H)

Click here to Order!

Shop Market Like a Pro

Whether this is your first trip to Market or your 25th trip to market, this 20+ page booklet, complete with worksheets and planning tips, is designed to help you make the most of your time at Market. You will find professional tips on:

  • Working the exhibit floor
  • Setting appointments
  • Using purchase orders to control purchasing
  • Negotiating terms and delivery dates
  • Utilizing the staff you bring with you
  • Planning your time
  • And much more!

A free purchase order form and credit application form is included -- just add your business card and photocopy for professional forms for your business.

The section on negotiating terms and discounts should more than pay for the workbook the next time a sales rep calls.

The tips in this workbook will save you time and money!

Order Shop Market Like A Pro today!
CD: $24.95 ea.
(plus shipping)


Shop Market Like a Pro

Shop Market
Like a Pro!

CD: $24.95 ea.
(plus S&H)

Click here to Order!

Free Publicity: It's easier than you think!

The Revised Second Edition. If the thought of picking up the phone or sitting down at the computer to generate media attention for your shop is a daunting one, this is the workbook for you! Learn how to think like a publicity hound and get your name in the news with an easy, step-by-step approach that works. 

Free Publicity is Easier Than You Think is a must-read for any shop owner who wants to improve their shop's image and the bottom line. It includes worksheets, publicity samples, and step-by-step guidance for:

  • Understanding what makes news
  • Preparing and sending the news release
  • Developing your media source list
  • Writing attention-getting cover letters
  • Establishing yourself as an expert
  • Getting second-wave publicity
  • Improving your writing ability
  • Making time to publicize
  • Generating story ideas, with dozens of industry-specific examples

When it comes to your bottom line, you can't afford not to spend time garnering as much free publicity as you can get. Following the tips and suggestions in this workbook can make a difference!

Order Free Publicity is Easier Than You Think today!
CD: $34.95 ea.
(plus S&H)

New Second Edition
Free Publicity-- It's easier than you think!

Free Publicity
It's Easier than
You Think

CD: $34.95 ea.
(plus S&H)

Click here to Order!

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Worldwide Quilting Day - March 18, 2017

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